Change Management

Change is good for business. Most companies and organisations need to continually evolve to keep ahead of the game. But change can bring additional risk. Managing change effectively is a skill that is often neglected.

Managing the process of change is critical to the success of any change programme.

How change is managed can impact the wellbeing of employees and it can seriously affect business performance.

Rushed and unplanned changes can have disastrous consequences. But it needn’t be disastrous.

Our consultants help our clients to manage the change process, in a safe and healthy manner.

There are three clear stages involved in ‘change’. These are:

  • The initial stage (shock, denial, anger, fear, depression)
  • The transition stage (understanding)
  • The acceptance stage (positive motivation, moving on, acceptance)

There many factors that determine how safely an organisation can transition through the change process, and through the stages. Some businesses get stuck at the early stage, while some transition safely to the acceptance stage.

Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Readiness assessments to assess how ready the business is for change
  • A clearly defined vision; why is it being done?
  • Leading from the top to ensure the message gets delivered effectively
  • Communication and engagement with employees, contractors, suppliers
  • Ownership of the change
  • Solution-focused change management strategies
  • Building an agile culture to accept the change

As organisational psychologists, we take a proactive and people-centred approach to change management. We use various tried and tested tools to assist in the process.

If you would like to discuss your future changes, please get in contact.