Safety Coaching

Safety coaches form an important part of the strategy to reduce accidents and to improve safety performance.

Safety coaches are not the police. They are not there to try and catch people out. Instead, a good safety coach is there to compliment the efforts of management and leadership.

Our clients have a diverse range of needs. Some need a safety coach for a very short-term project, while others use our coaches on a long-term basis.

Whether your company needs a safety coach for a few days or for a few years, we have a trained and competent team of associate coaches to help build your company’s success.

Here are some examples of where our safety coaches have helped our clients:

  • A short-term project on a civil engineering job where our safety coach was asked to help train construction teams on a new permit-to-work process.
  • A wind farm project where our safety coach was asked to go offshore for six months to assist with heavy lifting operations.
  • A drilling campaign in the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • A walk-to-work campaign lasting three weeks, offshore in the North Sea.
  • West of Shetland commissioning project, whereby our team of four safety coaches worked on a rota for four months.
  • A construction project near Birmingham, to build a new office complex, whereby our two safety coaches helped deliver daily toolbox talks for six months.
  • An oil refinery construction job to install new pipework over existing production facilities.

If you have a construction job coming up, or you have a specific role for a short-term or long-term safety coach, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.