Fire Risk Assessment

Fire is one of the most serious and potentially devastating risks a business faces. Fire safety legislation in the UK is complex and it needs to be taken seriously. The requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment is mandatory for all companies.

A fire risk assessment considers the following:

  • Hazards in relation to fire starting
  • Chemicals and combustible materials
  • Building design and fire loading
  • Potential for wilful fire raising
  • Means of escape and travel distances
  • Fire evacuation arrangements
  • Emergency lighting, fire alarms and fire fighting equipment
  • Training and competence of employees

Our fire risk assessors use PAS 79 as a standard. This is a guidance document published by the British Standards Institute and it offers a methodology for carrying out fire risk assessment.

The fire risk assessment report will outline the findings and will provide an action plan for remedial work.

Our fire safety professionals are ex-fire and rescue officers, who have served as fire safety inspectors and fire fighters with the local authority.

We take a pragmatic approach to fire safety. We apply the rules but in a common-sense manner. So, if you have a query about fire safety compliance or you would like a fire risk assessment carried out on your premises, please contact us for a discussion.

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