Psychometric Assessment

32 HSE is an approved Myers-Briggs psychometric assessment centre. We help our clients to build dynamic and high-performing teams by using various psychometric assessment tools, including FIRO-B.

Selecting the right people who ‘fit’ well with the culture is not an easy task. That is why some of our clients ask us to help with recruiting their senior members of staff. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator profile (MBTI) is an ideal tool to help find the right-fit people.

FIRO-B is an excellent tool for helping build dynamic and high-performing teams. Understanding how people work in teams is a fascinating aspect of human and organisational psychology. All of us have strengths and weaknesses and we all like to work in a certain way. Understanding how people like to work is at the core of team development.

The FIRO-B tool can help us to understand a little more about how we like to be treated and how we treat others. With that knowledge, individuals within our team can work better, more efficiently and more effectively together.

One of our greatest successes is helping teams to perform more safely. We use MBTI and FIRO to get to the very heart of human behaviour so that we can help our clients reduce incidents.

MBTI and FIRO can be used effectively for team-building sessions too.

Talk to us about your psychometric assessment needs and about how you would like to build teams that work well together.