Safety Leadership

Safety leadership is all about changing mindset, not changing people. Everyone can be a safety leader.

People and their behaviour is at the heart of good safety performance. Systems can be improved, equipment can be state-of-the-art but if the right mindset doesn’t exist, then accidents will happen.

Our safety leadership programmes are led by consultants who have backgrounds in industry, but more importantly, they are occupational psychologists. They understand people and they understand behaviour.

In construction, oil and gas and refining, hazards are constantly present. It is little surprising that accidents occur. Chemicals, hydrocarbons, heavy machinery all blend together to create multiple opportunities for accidents. Yet, there is one element that can make the difference between an accident and a safe outcome – people.

Operating in high-risk industry should never be a barrier to excellent safety and environmental performance.

Our safety leadership programmes are not ‘off-the-shelf’. We always bespoke our solutions, because each client has different needs and they are on different parts of their personal safety leadership journey. However, there are certain principles that we will always apply, which are:

Relevance: Our way of working is based on sound psychological principles that are proven to work.

Bespoke: Everything we do is tailored to meet our clients way of working and to meet their specific targets and objectives.

Practical: Occupational psychology is complex, with many years of research going into the understanding of ‘what makes people tick’, but we keep our solutions pragmatic and simple, because they work best.

Innovation: There is no point in our clients doing the ‘same old’ because that will never change anything, so we look, listen and learn about our clients way of working, and then we challenge them to do something different.

Engagement: Probably the most important aspect of behavioural change is to engage with people and to get their engagement.

If you would like to discuss safety leadership in more detail, please get in contact.