Train to become a Wellbeing Therapist

Mental health is a subject that is getting a lot of attention right now.

The COVID pandemic has resulted in a lot of media attention about wellbeing and the effects of poor mental health. But we have known this for a long time, not just because of COVID.

One in six employees will experience depression, anxiety or stress at work. Last year, there were over 600,000 recorded cases of work-related stress and 54% of days lost due to illness are because of stress-related problems.

Over 6,000 cases of suicide occur each year in the UK.

Mental health illness is the second largest burden on the health service, the NHS spends £105 billion each year on mental health treatments.

The list of statistics goes on and on. But behind these figures are real people. Each one of those numbers equates to a person who is suffering from anxiety, stress or unable to do their job properly.

Companies, large and small, have a role to play. There is a legal requirement in the UK for employers to ‘take reasonable care’ of their employees and this includes both physical and mental health.

There has never been more demand for professional consultants to help business leaders and to help individuals cope with life and its pressures.

Wellbeing Therapists or Wellbeing Consultants are much sought after. There is now a national shortage of qualified consultants to help individuals and to help business.

This is where you come in.

If you love helping people, and you are good at engaging with people, becoming a wellbeing consultant might be ideal for you.

We have 25 years of experience in business consultancy. Our clients come from across the UK and in fact worldwide. So we know how to help business and we know how to help people.

Our consultants are trained counsellors and psychologists with many years experience in business and in private practice.

We have developed a training and support package to help aspiring wellbeing consultants get qualified and to help them after they qualify.

The first step is to talk to us. Contact us to arrange a brief telephone call or online call so that we can learn a little about you, your ideas and so that we can answer your questions.

Click on the link to find out more about our Wellbeing Therapist Training and Support Package.